ASTM Synthetic Seawater

"Synthetic Seawater" ASTM D1141-98 (Original Standard ASTM D1141-52). We prepare and ship the "Synthetic Seawater" ASTM D1141-98 in a 1 or 5 gallon container (Larger sizes are available upon request). Our synthetic seawater does not include any heavy metals. The synthetic seawater arrives ready-made for use and application. If you would like to control when and how much of the synthetic seawater you make. We would recommend using our easy to make "Sea Salt" ASTM D1141-98 product.

Specifications: This product meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) standard ASTM D1141-52, Formula a, Table 1, Section 4 and the updated Standard ASTM D1141-98 (2013) Formula a, Table x1.1, Section 6 which is the standard practice for the preparation of substitute ocean water. We use the ASTM Type II reagent grade deionized/distilled water when making our seawater.

Packaging and Storage: This product is available in a 1 and 5 gallon container. Product should be stored in a dry and temperature controlled environment.

Applications:  (Not intended for human consumption)

Corrosion Studies: used in accelerated corrosion testing/studies where effects of seawater are on the following: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, protective coatings, paint, electrochemical processes, surface active agents and ceramics. Testing of fire fighting foam with standardized seawater. Used in many types of corrosion and environmental testing labs. (salt spray testing and salt fog testing - C.A.S.S. Testing)

Ocean Instrument Testing: standardizes seawater environment for consistent test comparisons and used for oceanographic research in environmental testing chambers. 

Biological: supports marine biological life; it can also be used as a tissue muscle preservative.

Chemical Processing: activity effects of minor trace elements may be compared in chemical processing units. Can be used for any type of application or testing that requires synthetic seawater.

Artificial Seawater ASTM D1141-98 Composition.pdf